The Best Online Mattresses

Best Online Mattress

It’s a glorious time to  be a mattress shopper.

Not so long ago, shopping for a mattress was a grueling affair that involved brightly lit mattress stores, pushy salespeople, and lying down on different mattresses while pretending not to be self-conscious as other customers walk by.

The dark days of mattress shopping are behind us. Unlike our unfortunate forefathers, we can conduct the mattress-buying process entirely online, accessing thousands of different varieties from our home without changing out of our fuzzy bunny slippers.

In this brave new world of online mattress buying, we have easier access to more high-quality, advanced mattresses than ever before -- and at lower prices. As a result, the experience of buying a mattress is more enjoyable, but it can also be a little daunting. With a seemingly infinite number of quality beds at your fingertips, how do you order the right mattress for you?

That’s where we come in. We’ve cut through the noise and rounded up the very best online mattresses available today. Read on to learn more about the best online beds for 2018 and get expert tips for making a smart mattress purchase online.

Online Mattress Reviews


A pioneer in the online mattress movement, Leesa was one of the earliest companies to woo shoppers with low pricing, free shipping, and a lengthy 100-night free trial period. Even without the perks, the Leesa mattress impresses with its high-tech construction. The luxury design is comprised of three layers of performance foam that work together to create a universally comfortable sleep experience.

The Leesa bed is topped by a cooling Avena foam, a latex-like material that is cooling, bouncy, and supportive. Below, a layer of memory foam provides pressure release. The foundation of the bed is high-density polyfoam that contributes to the bed’s longevity. Covering it all is a soft, velvety, and breathable polyester-lycra knit.

The Leesa was designed with a so-called “Universal Adaptive Feel” to suit sleepers of all shapes and sleep styles. The Leesa can handle heavier sleepers and is a smart choice for those who tend to alternate between front, back, and side sleeping.

  • Avena foam designed to replicate the feel and comfort of latex, but with better durability and cooling
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
  • Tree planted for every mattress sold and mattress donated for every 10 sold
Leesa Mattress


While many competitors strive to provide a universally comfortable sleep experience, Helix takes a different route. By providing you with a sleep quiz, the company designs customized mattresses to suit your unique needs and tastes. The quiz includes questions to assess firmness preferences, sleep position, body type, support needs, sleeping temperature, and more.

If you sleep with a partner, Helix even offers you the choice between a “Blended” and “Dual Comfort” mattress. The Blended option combines both you and your partner’s preferences across the entire bed, while the Dual Comfort choice is split in down the middle, with one side customized to your needs and the other to your partner’s.

Helix mattresses are made from some combination of Helix Dynamic Foam, pocketed microcoils, and high-grade polyfoam. The proprietary Dynamic Foam is designed to provide contouring and cooling, while the individually pocketed microcoil layer minimizes motion transfer while boosting breathability. The high-grade polyfoam layer comes in different densities to provide support for different body types. All beds are wrapped in a breathable, removable polyester cover.

With its endless combination of firmness and features, the Helix is an attractive choice is you have had trouble finding a bed that satisfies your specific tastes. It’s also a smart solution for couples with different sleep styles or ideal firmness levels.

  • Customizable to accommodate different firmness preferences, sleep positions, temperatures, heights, and weights
  • Combined or dual-sided beds available for couples with differing preferences
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
Helix Mattress


The very first bed-in-a-box company, Casper is credited with helping to revolutionize the mattress industry and inspiring other direct-to-consumer startups like Leesa and Purple. Casper has since released the simpler, less expensive Casper Essential and the luxury, pricier Casper Wave, but we named the original Casper as our top pick.

The flagship Casper bed is made from four layers of functional foam, starting with a comfort layer of open-cell foam. The bouncy, latex-like material promotes cooling and pressure release. Below the comfort layer is a high-density memory foam designed to help with contouring. Up next, a transition layer of two different polyfoam provides zoned support, with the firm foam going beneath the hips and the softer foam beneath the shoulders. Finally, a dense polyfoam gives the Casper its shape and durability. The bed is covered in a stretchy, breathable blend of polyester and elastane.

Casper is a suitable choice for light to heavy sleepers who tend to sleep on their back, stomach, or side. With its thoughtful zoned construction, Casper might be an especially good solution if you have had difficulty finding a bed that gets your spinal alignment right.

  • Top comfort layer provides cooling and allows for effortless sleep position transitioning in the night
  • Zoned support provides exceptional spinal alignment for different sleep styles
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
Casper Mattress

Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid

One of the many superb mattress models from Nest Bedding, the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid is one of our favorites from the brand. The Nest Hybrid is one of the few bed-in-a-box breeds that includes both copper-infused memory foam and pocketed innerspring coils in its design.

The five-layer bed is topped with its trademark TitanChil Endurance polyfoam, engineered to cool while gently hugging the body. Below, a layer of copper-infused Energex foam helps with heat regulation and ergonomic support. A third layer of SmartFlow foam provides transitional support.

Beneath the foam layers lies the heart of the mattress: eight inches of Quantum Edge pocketed coils. This unique support core delivers a good bounce, in addition to deep compression support for the body and extra support around the edges of the bed. Wrapping the whole mattress up is a gel-infused memory foam fabric, which contributes additional cooling and comfort.

The Nest Hybrid boasts both superior motion isolation and edge support, making it a good choice for couples. We also recommend the Hybrid to back and stomach sleepers because of the above-average spinal alignment provided in part by the coil construction.

  • Three firmness options: Plush, Medium, and Luxury Firm
  • Thick, Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric creates cool, luxury pillow-top feel
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
Nest Hybrid


Dreamed up by a duo of engineer brothers, Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer grid is unlike any other on the market. The innovative hyper-elastic polymer construction is arranged in a honeycomb design that displaces pressure to distribute support across the body. The so-called “Smart Comfort Grid” also prevents motion transfer while neutralizing temperature.

The Smart Comfort Grid sits on top of the mattress, right above a middle layer of high-density polyurethane foam that delivers transitional support. Below, a dense polyurethane base adds to the Purple’s durability.

The mattress is marketed as being “built for every body”, even those with a higher BMI. The Purple is best suited for back and side sleepers, though stomach sleepers should take notice whether the grid is able to provide sufficient elevation for their hips during their sleep trial.

  • Smart Comfort Grid construction allows air to flow freely, keeping you cool, clean, and dry at night
  • Superior motion isolation and pressure release
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
Purple Mattress

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid

Backed by mattress industry veteran Serta Simmons Bedding, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid is the product of more than a century of sleep research and mattress-engineering expertise. The Hybrid combines the benefits of memory foam and innersprings into one bed.

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid comes in two firmness options: Medium Soft and Medium Firm. Both versions feature similar basic construction with slight variations in thickness and design. Both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm beds are topped with a cooling memory foam that offers contouring pressure relief. Beneath the memory foam is a layer of gel foam that adds to the cooling and pressure relief provided by the upper layer.

The Medium Firm has a layer of slow-response bounce foam beneath the gel foam, which contributes to firm feel and keeps you from sinking deeply into the bed. Both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm beds have identical support layers, including a pocketed steel coil system that helps with motion isolation and support. The coils are encased in a dense polyfoam edge support system that keeps the mattress ends from sagging under weight. A final layer of high-density base foam serves as the foundation for the bed. Both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm beds are covered in a cool, stretchy blend of polyester and nylon.

The Medium Soft provides sufficient support for sleepers of varying styles, though stomach sleepers may prefer the Medium Firm bed for the extra support it delivers to the hips. With its above-average motion transfer and edge support, both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm beds are solid choices for couples.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Pros and Cons to Buying a Mattress Online

Still on the fence about whether purchasing a mattress online is the right choice for you? Review these pros and cons of buying a bed online:


  • Cost. Buying a mattress online isn’t just cheaper than buying in store -- it’s much cheaper. Online mattress brands cut out overhead costs and sales commission to deliver beds at ultra-low, direct-to-consumer prices. Lack of hefty retail markups combined with fierce competition in the ever-growing online market world means that shopping online versus in-store could save you hundreds or even thousands.
  • Transparency. While mattress stores have a reputation for being shady, online mattress brands are working to change that. Reputable online mattress brands post information about mattress quality, material, and specs for all to see.
  • Convenience. When you shop for a mattress online, you can conduct the entire process -- from comparing prices and features to opening your brand new bed -- from home.
  • No sales pressure. Typically paid through commission, mattress salespeople have a reputation for being aggressive. Because sales reps are largely driven by the goal of selling you a bed and earning a paycheck, they may be less concerned with getting you the best deal on the right bed. When you shop online, you’re free to research, comparison shop, and think things over on your own time without pressure from pushy salespeople.
  • Excellent customer support. Many online mattress companies are often backed by a sterling customer service team with 24-7 support via live chat, phone, and social media.
  • Shipping and returns. With new online mattress startups swarming the crowded marketplace, competition is fierce. To catch your eye, online mattress companies keep their prices low and their special perks -- like free shipping and returns trials -- sweet. Most online mattress companies offer free shipping and returns for customers within the contiguous U.S.
  • At-home trials. Most bed-in-a-box brands offer multi-night home trials.  Instead of testing a mattress for a moment on the sales floor, you can decide whether a bed is the right fit at home during trial periods ranging from 100 nights to a year.
  • Fewer fees. Online mattress stores tend to waive many fees that come with purchasing a bed, such as return fees and sales tax.
  • Likelihood of being satisfied. Contrary to popular belief, customer satisfaction scores for in-store versus online mattress brands are nearly identical.


  • You can’t try the bed out before bringing it home. Some shoppers are wary of online mattress shopping because they can’t test out a physical bed in store before bringing it home.
  • Lack of mattress removal or installation options. Most online mattress companies do not offer old mattress removal or in-home installation, as local stores might. Select brands, including Saatva and Wright, offer removal and installation options for a fee.
  • Lack of personal assistance. Some mattress buyers may prefer to work with a human sales representative to find a bed, rather than carrying out research and looking for beds on their own.

Ready to Buy? Follow These 10 Steps.

Like booking a flight or finding a date online, buying a mattress over the internet takes time and finesse. To find an online mattress that fits your back and budget, follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at your current bed. Reflect on your past relationship with your old bed to determine what to look for in your next mattress. What features did you like about your current mattress, and what features did you not like? Think about this question in terms of aspects like firmness and softness, sinking versus floating, and cooling and overheating.
  2. Decide on your price range. As a first-time online mattress buyer, you may have no clue how much a good mattress costs. When shopping online, we recommend budgeting around $800 to $1,000 for a queen. This price range should land you a quality mattress suitable for every-night use, and with perks like free shipping and 100+-night sleep trials. Any mattress less expensive than this range is likely to be made from cheaper, short-lasting materials. On the other hand, with a more expensive bed, you’ll start venturing into advanced features like luxury coil systems and premium foams.
  3. Determine your sleep position and body type. Different sleep positions demand different things from a mattress. For instance, good pressure relief is especially important for side sleepers, while stomach sleepers may need additional support to keep their hips in proper alignment. Those who frequently change positions during the night want to consider a bouncier, more responsive mattress that allows for greater freedom of movement. Similarly, your body type should also be considered in your mattress buying decision. If you have a higher BMI, you may benefit from a mattress with additional support and durability features. If you have a low BMI, you may find a softer mattress is better able to conform to your pressure points.
  4. Visit a mattress store. As part of your preliminary research research, you may want to pop by a mattress store to get a feel for different types of beds. At a showroom, take your time and stretch out on different firmness levels and styles. Compare the feel of different memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid beds to find out what kind of material and features you like best. Make sure you explain to the salespeople you need time to sleep on the decision and leave without buying.
  5. Research. Now that you have a basic idea of the type of mattress style and firmness level you like, it’s time to take your research online. One of the greatest parts of living in the online mattress buying age is having access to vast library of mattress reviews, customer ratings, and curated content from super smart mattress experts like this guide.  To make an informed decision and avoid having to take advantage of your purchase return policy, do some market research, check out reviews, and compare pricing for different mattress models.

When evaluating a bed, consider these factors:

  • Firmness. Do reviewers report a sinking or floating sensation when they lie on the bed?
  • Support. Is the mattress able to keep the spine in alignment for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers?
  • Temperature regulation. Does the mattress trap heat or is it able to keep you cool at night?
  • Motion isolation. How effective is the mattress at isolating motion? Do reviewers complain of being awoken easily in the night as their partner climbs in and out of bed or shifts positions?
  • Edge support. Do reviewers complain of sagging around the edges over time?
  • Back pain and other sleep issues. How well does the mattress handle with back pain, joint aches, and other sleep problems?
  • Shipping, trial periods, and returns. Does the mattress company charge for shipping or returns? Can you test out the mattress at home and return it, free of worry?
  1. Review the specs. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, take a closer look at the specs of your final mattress contenders. Most trustworthy brands will post a list of specs on their site, where customer support reps stand by to answer your questions via chat. Check the durability and quality of the materials, while keeping an eye out for red flags like cheaper materials or a flimsy comfort layer.
  2. Make a purchase. Before you whip out your credit card, do a quick search to find out if you can score a coupon from a referral or promo code site. With a bit of digging, you might be able to trim $50 off the total price of your bed. Once you’ve checked around for coupon codes -- congratulations! -- you’re ready to buy.
  3. Unbox your bed. If you’ve ordered from a bed-in-a-box company, your bed is likely to arrive on your doorstep compressed into vacuum-sealed packaging. Bring the box into your bedroom before opening and unwrapping the mattress, when the mattress will expand into its full (or nearly full) size. Be sure to check the instructions to determine how long you need to wait before sleeping on your new bed. Depending on the type of bed and model, you may need to wait a day or two to allow it to come to its full size.
  4. Give it a try. The vast majority of reputable online mattress brands will let you try out your bed during a sleep trial. Most trials are around 100 days; some are as long as a whole year. To give your mattress a fair shake, you should keep your mattress for the entire duration of your sleep trial, even if it initially feels unusual or uncomfortable. It may take your body time to get used to sleeping on a different level of comfort and support, especially if you are used to sleeping on a worn, older mattress that may not have been providing you the support you need. If you still feel uncomfortable, achy, or tired at the end of your sleep trial, only then is it time to call customer support to start the return process.
  5. Protect your bed. On the other hand, if you do fall in love with your new bed, make sure you take proper precautions to ensure you enjoy a long, healthy relationship. A decent mattress should last anywhere for six to 10 years, and you can maximize its lifespan by cleaning it regularly according to manufacturer instructions. Avoid eating and drinking in bed, and keep pets and bouncing, rough-housing youngsters away.

Want to learn more about finding a bed that suits your sleep style, size, and tastes? You can also check out our Buying a Mattress Online guide for an even deeper dive into the bed-buying process.

Best Online Mattress Picks

Name Brand Mattress Type Price (Queen)
Leesa Leesa Mixed foam $995
Helix Helix Hybrid $995
Casper Casper Mixed foam $995
Nest Signature Hybrid Nest Big Hybrid $1,199
Purple Purple Gel/Mixed foam $999
Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Tomorrow Sleep Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid $990