The Best Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Do you find memory foam beds a little too hot? Innerspring beds a little too hard? Latex beds a little too expensive?

A hybrid mattress could be your answer. A fusion of innerspring and foams, hybrid mattresses are designed to deliver all the benefits of different beds while eliminating the drawbacks. If you’ve found haven’t been quite satisfied with conventional innerspring, memory foam, or latex foam beds, you may find your ideal mattress is a “hybrid” of different materials.

In the mattress world, a “hybrid” mattress refers to an innerspring-based bed with individually pocketed coils and either a memory foam and/or latex comfort layer on top. The innerspring core provides bounce and support, while the upper layers of memory foam or latex contribute pressure relief and contouring. The result is a mattress that packs the perks of coil support and foam comfort into one bed.

Intrigued? Continue reading to learn more about the innovative hybrid mattress, including highlights, drawbacks, and unbiased reviews of the best hybrid beds available in 2018.

Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Best Overall: New Purple

After the success of the original Purple, company engineers went back to the drawing board to create the New Purple, a hybrid mattress. The New Purple bed features the iconic Smart Comfort Grid of the original Purple, but with a support core of pocketed coils rather than a high-density polyfoam.

Instead of your typical memory foam or latex comfort layer, the New Purple is topped with a Smart Comfort Grid, an elastic polymer designed in a honeycomb-like structure that buckles beneath your pressure points. The innovative Grid dynamically conforms to your body for above-average pressure-release, cooling, and motion isolation.

Beneath the Smart Comfort Grid is a transition layer of polyurethane foam. Below, a support core of individually pocketed coils contributes additional pressure relief and bounce. At the bottom of the bed, a layer of high-density polyfoam acts as the foundation. The whole mattress is wrapped in a stretchy, breathable blend of polyester and spandex.

The mattress is available in three firmness levels: The Purple 2 (Medium Firm), Purple 3 (Medium), and Purple 4 (Medium Soft).

  • One-of-a-kind Comfort Grid provides superior contouring and pressure relief
  • Multiple firmness and thickness options available
  • Free shipping with in-home setup and old mattress removal, plus 100-night sleep trial
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • High price point
Purple.2 Mattress

Best Value: Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid

The bed-in-a-box brainchild of mattress industry veteran Serta Simmons Bedding, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid is backed by more than 100 years of sleep study and mattress manufacturing experience. We chose the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid as our “Best Value” pick not only for its low price point, but for its uber-generous one-year sleep trial.

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress comes in a choice of Medium Soft or Medium Firm. The two firmness models are built with a similar design, but with subtle yet impactful differences in materials.

Both the soft and firm editions start with a layer of open-cell memory foam that helps to regulate temperature while conforming to the body’s natural curves. Below, a comfort layer of gel foam contributes additional cooling and pressure relief. This gel foam layer is slightly thicker in the Medium Soft version, allowing a softer, gentle sink.

In the Medium Firm version, there is a layer of bounce foam that adds firmness and works to keep you from sinking too deeply into the bed. The Medium Soft model omits this layer of bounce foam.

Under the foam layers of both the Medium Firm and Medium Soft beds, there is a layer of individually pocketed coils. The six-inch coils are protected by a dense polyfoam encasement for extra edge support. The coils sit on top of a high-density foam that gives the bed durability and shape. Both Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress versions are wrapped in a cooling, stretchy nylon-polyester cover.

  • Thoughtful design enhancements promote above-average cooling, contouring, and edge support
  • Low price for a luxury mattress
  • Free shipping with exceptionally generous 365-night sleep trial
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Some reviewers complain of noisiness due to innerspring system


Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Best Luxury: Brentwood Home Cedar

On a mission to create the most eco-friendly mattress around, Brentwood Home designed a mattress from 100 percent organic and sustainable materials. The eco-conscious construction includes premium natural elements like Dunlop latex, wool, and coconut husk.

The Brentwood Home Cedar mattress is topped with untreated New Zealand wool, which wicks away moisture and helps with cooling. Next come two layers of all-natural Dunlop latex foam. The latex layers offer a slight sink but a quick response to pressure, balancing comfort with bounce. The lower transition layer is zoned to provide extra support in targeted regions of the body and features a convoluted design to promote breathability.

Below is a support core of individually pocketed coils, separated from the upper latex layers with an all-natural flaxseed fiber padding. A final layer of sturdy coconut husk serves as the bed’s foundation, while an organic cotton cover wraps it all up.

  • Constructed from all-natural, organic and sustainable materials like Dunlop latex and coconut husks
  • Zoned latex provides targeted support for shoulders, back, and legs
  • Free shipping with 120-night sleep trial
  • 30-night break-in required before returns accepted
  • High price point
Brentwood Home Cedar

Best Firm: Avocado

The Avocado Green mattress is another earth-friendly bed crafted from natural Dunlop latex and sustainable materials. The green mattress has a firmer feel than the other hybrid beds on our list, but comes with an optional attached European-style pillowtop that can add contouring for sleepers who prefer a softer bed.

Otherwise, the standard, pillowtop-less Avocado begins with a layer of bouncy, responsive Dunlop latex. The latex is aerated to promote air circulation and help keep you cool at night.

Below the latex is a support core comprised of eight-inch recycled steel coils. The coils are laid out in three distinct zones to provide support and pressure relief to targeted regions of your body. At the base of the mattress is a layer of high-density Dunlop latex, which contributes additional support. The bed is covered in an organic cover, hand-tufted with wool yarn rosettes to boost mattress durability.

  • Built from all-natural organic, and sustainable materials like Dunlop latex and recycled steel coils
  • Optional euro-style pillowtop can provide extra contouring without sacrificing support
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
  • High price point
Avocado Mattress

Best Soft: Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid

The Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid comes in a choice of three firmness levels, with the “Plush” model being the softest. If you’re in the market for a hybrid bed with a soft, contouring feel, we suggest checking out the Plush edition.

To create a luxuriously soft sleep experience, the Plush model layers multiple levels of foam on a support core of pocketed coils. It’s topped with a layer of proprietary TitanChil Endurance Foam, designed to cool and contour the body. Beneath the TitanChil layer is a copper-infused Energex foam, anther proprietary foam engineered for ergonomic support and temperature regulation. A third and final polyfoam layer exists primarily for transitional support.

Under the foam layers is a support core of pocketed coils, which create a strong, supportive base. The bed is covered in a cooling Thermic Phase Change Fabric, quilted with gel memory foam.

  • Copper-infusion comes with unique benefits, like cooling and enhanced blood flow
  • Thick, quilted cover with Thermic Phase Change Fabric creates luxurious cooling pillowtop feel
  • Free shipping with 100-night sleep trial
  • High price point
  • May feel overly soft for some sleepers
Nest Hybrid

Editor's Choice: DreamCloud

One of the newest luxury hybrids to hit the market, the DreamCloud mattress sets itself apart with its luxury design, ultra-low price point, and ultra-sweet 365-night sleep trial.

This sophisticated hybrid bed features five distinct layers of memory foam and latex above its innerspring core. On top, two memory foam layers balance contouring with responsiveness, so you don’t sink too deeply into the mattress. Beneath the memory foam lies a layer of perforated natural latex, which contributes bounce and cooling. Next up, there are two more layers of high-density memory foam, which add support and help to keep your spine in healthy alignment.

Under all the foam, you’ll find a layer of pocketed micro coils. The coils are arranged in five distinct zones to provide targeted support to certain areas of the body. Below, a base layer of high-density memory foam helps with motion isolation. Covering it all is a plush, breathable cashmere blend.

  • Sophisticated construction includes memory foam, latex, and coil support core for combination of plush comfort and zoned support
  • Low price point for luxury mattress
  • Free shipping with exceptionally generous 365-night sleep trial
  • Not available in Twin size
DreamCloud Mattress

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

To define a hybrid mattress, we’ll break down what a hybrid is and what a hybrid is NOT.

A hybrid bed features a foundation made of coils, like a classic innerspring might.  The coils are typically individually pocketed in foam or cloth for added support and motion isolation. On top of the coil support core is a comfort layer of memory foam, latex foam, or a combination of the two. In many hybrid beds, the upper comfort layer is infused with materials like gel or copper to promote cooler sleeping. Modern hybrid mattresses often include a European-style pillow-top quilted into the cover for extra cushion.

It’s worth noting that the term “hybrid” is thrown around a lot, and sometimes incorrectly. A true hybrid includes an innerspring core with a foam or latex layer on top. Genuine hybrids also must be a certain thickness -- around the same height of an innerspring mattress and larger than your typical foam or latex bed.

What makes a hybrid bed different from a traditional innerspring?

Although most innerspring beds include a comfort layer of foam or latex, a true hybrid mattress will feature a much thicker layer on top. As a general rule, a hybrid has a comfort layer of foam or latex that is three-to-four inches thick. A pillowtop could add on an extra inch or so.

As a result of the extra foam on top, hybrid beds tend to provide better contouring than innerspring mattresses. Hybrid beds are also often better at preventing motion from transferring across the bed and disrupting a sleeping partner when you shift positions.

How do hybrids differ from memory foam and latex?

Because hybrid beds feature an innerspring core, they are generally bouncier than beds made purely of latex and memory foams. And since air is allowed to circulate through the slender steel coil layers, hybrid mattresses tend to sleep cooler than pure foam beds.

Hybrid Pros and Cons

Engineered to deliver the best qualities of different beds, hybrid mattresses come with many attractive benefits. That said, hybrids do have their share of drawbacks. We’ve explored the main pros and cons of hybrid beds below.


  • The best qualities of different beds. Hybrid beds are designed to balance the bounciness and support of coils with contouring and motion isolation of foam. This makes them ideal for sleepers who have struggled to find a conventional innerspring, memory foam, or latex bed that suits them.  
  • Contouring. Thanks to their unique construction, hybrid beds can conform more closely to your body than latex or memory foam alone. The result is improved pressure relief and spinal alignment.
  • Cooling. Hybrid beds have an innerspring foundation, where air can circulate through thin metal coils. Their enhanced breathability means that hybrid beds tend to sleep cooler than conventional memory or latex foam beds.
  • Ideal for sex. Compared to latex and foam beds, hybrid mattresses tend to be bouncier due to a springy coil support core. A bouncier bed allows for greater freedom of movement, making hybrid mattresses preferred by many couples when it comes to sex.
  • Varying firmness levels. Because their firmness varies based on the material and design of the comfort layer, hybrid mattresses are available in a range of firmness levels.


  • Pricier. Compared to other types of mattresses on the modern marketplace, hybrid beds are often on the pricier side.
  • Distinctive feel. The unique, unconventional feel of a hybrid bed is distinctly different from a traditional innerspring, memory foam, or latex foam bed. For some sleepers, this means it may take an adjustment period to get used to their hybrid mattress.
  • Off-gassing. Hybrids with high memory foam content may come with initial, new-mattress or “off-gassing” odor. You may notice this scent when you first remove the mattress from the packaging, though it should disappear within a few days.
  • Heavy. Made of durable materials, hybrid beds can be heavy and difficult to move.
  • Shorter lifespan. If a hybrid bed has a base of an inexpensive polyfoam beneath the innerspring layer, this can affect longevity. As polyfoam tends to be cheaper and less durable, a hybrid with this type of base may have a shorter lifespan.

Is A Hybrid Mattress Right for You?

The versatility of a hybrid mattress makes it a worthy choice for many different body types, sleep styles, and preferences. Still, there are certain types of sleepers who may be better suited for a hybrid bed than others.

A hybrid mattress may be your best bet if any of the following apply:

  • Other mattresses aren’t quite right. If you’ve been disappointed with the traditional innerspring, memory foam, or latex foam beds you’ve tried, a hybrid bed may be your solution.
  • You sleep hot. Do you crave contouring of foam, but hate overheating at night? A hybrid bed with a memory foam or latex foam comfort layer may be more breathable than a pure foam bed, thus helping you sleep cooler.
  • You sleep with a partner. Due to their upper layers of foam, hybrid beds are typically able to isolate motion than innerspring mattresses. If you sleep with a partner, better motion isolation means you’re less likely to be disturbed by movement when your partner shifts positions or climbs in and out of bed.
  • You use your mattress for sex. Hybrid beds often deliver a good bounce, but without the slow sink of foam beds. You may find that more effortless motion makes sexual activity easier and more enjoyable.

Hybrid beds aren’t for everyone. For most mattress shoppers, the biggest deterrent of hybrid mattresses is their price point. Depending on the brand, hybrid beds are generally more expensive than traditional innerspring or memory foam beds.

Similarly, if you are hoping to find a traditional innerspring, memory foam, or latex feel, a hybrid bed may not be your ideal option. Their unique design give hybrid beds a distinct, unconventional feel that can seem strange at first to some sleepers.

Best Hybrid Mattress Picks

Brand Name Price (Queen)
Best Overall Purple New Purple $1,599
Best Value Tomorrow Sleep Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid $990
Best Luxury Brentwood Home Brentwood Home Cedar $1,949
Best Firm Avocado Avocado $1,399
Best Soft Nest Big Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid $1,199
Editor's Choice DreamCloud DreamCloud $1,399